Mr Vui Company supplys backpack, suitcase and travel bag - Quality products, the most reasonable price at Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Vui is a reputable backpack manufacturer on the market, always offering the highest quality products at the best prices for our customers.

Products of Mr Vui

Backpacks are becoming an indispensable item in our lives. Backpacks can help us carrying with important things such as  laptop, phone, books, school supplies ... Can be used to picnic and go to school. Therefore, the backpacks designs are becoming more and more diverse; From traditional style to modern or classic, luxurious, ... are produced to meet the different needs of customers.
Mr.Vui has large of products that can meet the needs and purposes of customers such as:
- Kid’s backpack, student backpack
- Drawstring backpack
- Promotional backpack
- Handbag, travel bag…

Some products of Mr Vui backpack supplier

Kid's backpacks and Student backpack


Laptop backpack

Drawstring backpack

Promotional backpack


Travel bags


Backpacks for children upland and disadvantaged areas


The most fashionable high school student backpack for boy & girl - SO HOT at MrVui

Balo học sinh cấp 3 có thể nói là vật dụng hết sức cần thiết cho các em đang ngồi trên ghế nhà trường, đặc biệt các em PTTH thì việc học dày đặc, số lượng sách vở nhiều. Vì thế các em cần một chiếc balo đi học chất lượng. Dưới đây là những mẫu balo cho học sinh cấp 3 được nhiều người lựa chọn nhất tại MrVui, cùng tham khảo nhé!

Mr Vui -the company manufactures cheap backpacks in Ho Chi Minh City with gift backpacks and suitcases

If you are looking for a emerging back pack manufacturer in Vietnam that offers great customer service. Truong Vui Company get to manufacture backpacks,  suitcases with  bulk and we receive to print logo company with your require.

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